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"Client Centric"  

“Courageous Business Culture boasts a client centric culture where customer service, innovation, and collaboration are
heightened by giving-voice to, caring and respecting an organization’s greatest asset… Employees.”

We provide Consulting, Employee Engagement Surveys, A Successful Change Management template, and individualize training to meet your company's desire for higher engagement and performance. 

We offer co-creation of strategies, training and coaching programs.



Courageous Business Culture uses innovative tools and techniques to help companies to hear the real voice of their employees in a safe, easy, nonjudgmental manner. 

The results provide metrics, and the quantitative data makes it easier to understand and is great for bench-marking. The final result is that you get a deeper, richer insight into behaviors as seen through the lens of values, preference and motivators.

Our unique delivery is a flexible mix of traditional and innovation.  Our imperative is to maximize learning and long-term retention of the skills and information gained.


"Effective and Efficient"

Akeela’s blend of education and experience, provides a unique understanding of both sides of engagement, employer and employees needs. 
The result is valuable insights for clients as they seek solutions to the epidemic of 66% employee disengagement, affecting today’s workplace. 

With the talent crises looming, and more distant (perhaps), Fourth Industrial Revolution, Courageous Business Culture’s mission is to help organizations become more productive by attracting great talent who will stay and strive to align with company strategies, within an inclusive, courageous, culture which supports all stakeholders of the organization.

You can tailor your programs by selecting  from over 100 courses, ranging from on-boarding to soft-skills, from entry level management to and high performance executive leadership training, to meet your particular needs.



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